imagining posthuman jewellery? 

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In 2021, we initiated the first participatory Artificial Intelligems project inviting jewelry makers to share images of their pieces. From around the world, 124 artists and designers answered the call, contributing almost 1,000 photos. We turned these images into a dataset to train a machine learning algorithm which "learned" from that "input" to generate new images, which we call Ornamutations.

These Ornamutations are continuously transforming, meta-morphing and multidimensional. They seem fluid, solid and gaseous at once, a unique characteristic emerging through working with AI technology. 

Referring to these dynamic images as adornments shifts viewpoints on jewelry's physicality, wearability, and other attributes. Furthermore, it triggers speculative scenarios for future adornment: What if jewellery would grow on and along with the body? As such, the Ornamutations might impact and widen our comprehension of jewelry, particularly its connection to people and their bodies. 

We continue to explore Ornamutations through a variety of projects to further question notions of speculative adornment, embodiment, co-creation, creativity, artistic translation, and virtual identity.