Artificial Intelligems

is an artistic research exploring jewellery through the lens of AI technology, and vice versa. By generating ornamutations through collaborative practices between various intelligent entities, this project envisions a new jewellery species.

This website

functions as an active archive. It will develop throughout the research, collecting and presenting a variety of projects. Conceived as a tool, this website is an experiment in creative, reflective writing. By exploring how to document and show an artistic research process, it offers a meta-perspective on the research. 

Hereby we'd like to invite you to grow this research together, and love to discover your perspectives on the topics and questions that will be discussed.  

Use the blue and yellow sticky notes (top left corner of this webpage) to share your comments and questions! 

Artificial Intelligems is a collaboration between Anneleen Swillen (artist, researcher, and tutor) and Greg Scheirlinckx (composer, sound engineer, and programmer), an AI and many practitioners. It’s part of Anneleen’s current postdoc 'Imagining jewellery. Speculative reflections on creating, presenting and experiencing jewellery in the (post-)digital age' (working title), Hasselt University and PXL- MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (BE). 

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