In 2020, Greg Scheirlinckx and Anneleen Swillen founded Artificial Intelligems to explore the artistic potential, as well as roles, impact and challenges of machine learning (ML) within jewellery. 

At the time, they noticed a lack of academic exploration into AI and contemporary jewellery. Building on Swillen's PhD in arts, in which digital media and co-creation played a key role, they sought to envision jewellery beyond a human-centric perspective. Intrigued by the potential of self-learning algorithms and inspired by ML experiments in fine arts, they began pondering the implications of working with ML on how jewellery is made, worn, presented, and experienced. Can machine learning inspire novel concepts and methodologies for jewellery practice? What opportunities and challenges might this present?

Currently, 3 years later, Artificial Intelligems is growing into an experimental, fluid, interdisciplinary, collective and platform working on the intersection of jewellery, graphic design, music composition, XR performance, dance, data science and machine learning.

Through participatory projects, they research the potential and challenges of working with ML to develop and question novel concepts and methods for jewellery practices in a post-digital culture. Speculating about futures adornment, emerging from human-machine collaboration, they wish to foster an awareness of intra-relational entanglements, prompting critical reflection on topics such as (more-than-)human-centric design, agency, (digital) materiality, phygital embodiment, value, creativity, and authorship.

This website functions as an active archive. It develops throughout the research, by collecting and presenting a variety of projects. Conceived as a tool, this website is an experiment in creative and reflective writing. By exploring how to document and show an artistic research process, it offers a meta-perspective on the research.

Hereby we'd like to invite you to grow this research together, and love to discover your perspectives on the topics and questions that are discussed.  

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Artificial Intelligems connects people, artistic practices and technologies to explore more-than-human co-creation with machine learning. Currently, this fluid collective consists of dr. Anneleen Swillen (expanded jewellery practice involving research in the arts, education, curation and writing, and co-founder of Artificial Intelligems), Greg Scheirlinckx (composer, sound engineer, and data scientist and co-founder of Artificial Intelligems) in collab with prof. dr. Ine Vanoeveren (XR-performer, contemporary flutist, artistic researcher), Guus Vandeweerd (graphic designer) and lux&auma (a dance collective consisting of Carla Petzolt and Miriam Taschler). 

Artificial Intelligems emerged within Anneleen’s current postdoctoral research on 'Jewellery phenomena in a phygital age. (Post-)speculative reflections on co-creating, -presenting and -experiencing jewellery in a digital culture' at Hasselt University and PXL- MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (BE). 

Research interns 2022 - 2023: Esther Verstreken, Guus Vandeweerd and Senneke Van de Wygaert (students PXL-MAD, School of Arts)
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 Copywriting + council open call Artificial Intelligems #1, 2021: Dries De Geyter  
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