Ornamisms (since 2022)

For our current project Ornamisms, we launched an open call to collect photos of jewellery worn on the body. With these photos, we'll train a machine learning algorithm to co-create 'Ornamisms’: speculative adornment in which body and jewellery merge into a hybrid creature.

These photos could be of any type of jewellery that people made or own, whether art, design, fashion, antique, fine, popular culture or other, from ancient to contemporary, worldwide. 

We are grateful to have received submissions from a total of 96 participants(!)

All submitted photos (input) are currently being published on this webpage. To navigate through the images, simply click on the "X" in the right corner to slide down the text window. For a clearer overview, you can click on "sort images" in the top left corner. 

Over the past few weeks, we have prepared the dataset for training and have started the learning process of the algorithm. We are eagerly anticipating what will emerge through this collaborative process.

We are happy to announce that the Ornamisms project will be exhibited during Munich Jewellery Week (26/02 – 3/03/2024)! Stay tuned for an official invitation and more detailed information. If you are planning to travel to Munich, we look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition!

Through participatory projects and by working with self-learning algorithms, we aim to explore machine learning as a co-creator in jewellery practice. These experiments, in which we try to connect with hundreds of makers and their works, are meant to critically question human-centred design, materiality, value, or authorship.

By embodying transformative technologies such as A.I. in collective creation and presentation processes, new types or acts of adornment and more-than-human craft practices can emerge within the phygital realm.

 ! Working with A.I. in artistic practice raises many urgent questions. Have a look at this page to discover how we deal with, and in fact aim to explore, these issues through our participatory projects.   

Questions? Thoughts?
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